• 2019 Elvenia L.

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • For a long period time, certain household activities such as cooking and cleaning that necessitated standing, occasionally generated short attacks of sciatica and/or cramps in my right leg. To my relief these attacks suddenly stopped at approximately the same time when I started the Qigong exercise with Sifu Tzyann Hsu. This exercise, accompanied by Tai Chi which gives me relief from my arthritic symptoms.

  • 2018 Susane, J

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Practicing tai chi has become my secret weapon in the fight against some of the negative expressions of aging.  I never tried it as a younger person, so am completely judging its effects on my present situation.

    I had a stroke nine years ago and the low impact, slow motion practice of tai chi has helped me in restoring balance, lowering blood pressure, improving leg strength (particularly as applies to fall prevention), and improving mental agility.  Since falls are reported to be the leading cause of death for those over 65, and since almost 3 million are treated in emergency rooms for falls annually, the help I have received from my tai chi training is no small thing.  I actually depend on it.


  • 2018 Jean L.

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • It used to be hard for me to leave the house and get to class (I have a chronic illness).  But no matter how bad I feel before I go, I always feel much, much better at the end of class.  The focus, the movement, the breathing, the balancing and the excellent instruction all combine to give me a greater sense of well-being.  I wouldn't dream of missing class now because I find it so satisfying.  


  • 2018 Thelma F.

  • Brooklyn, NY

Taking Tai Chi, Qi Tao, practice at home and sometimes at the academy - for nearly two years - made the big difference in strengthening my physical constitution.  This morning, although I was tired, it was shockingly and surprisingly a very light and easy walk up hill to the park. I was beyond delighted. / For over thirty years, it had been a struggle to walk up those two blocks to the park. 

  • 2017 Marcus V.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I have been learning tai chi at Qi Tao for about three months and find it to be exceptionally liberating in so many ways, not to mention extremely beneficial in helping me strengthen my legs and ease my anxieties. 

Sifu Tzyann Hsu is a masterfully brilliant, vibrant, and articulate instructor who consistently keeps motivating my desire to stick with it. With each session, you'll learn proper techniques and the essence of fluid motion, how to obtain balance and maintain proper foot positioning and maneuvering, and how to stay composed and relaxed through proper breathing. You'll also learn the principles of yin yang and how each move correlates to tai chi as a passive martial art form. Sifu Tzyann really does an incredible job culminating all the essential components to make tai chi a truly exciting, meditative, and rewarding experience with each session and move learned. I still have a way to go, but it won't be long before I can really complete the 24 Form on my own...then it will be on to learn the 40 Form.  

Situated on a quiet street in Park Slope, Qi Tao's studio offers an inspiring, open vibe, many friendly, supportive fellow students, and the many student assistant instructors have all been amazing in providing respective insights.

  • 2017 Cathy H.

  • Brooklyn, NY

Top notch classes in a friendly atmosphere.  I've been a student for 10 years and my mental and physical health has improved measurably.  Sifu Tzyann Hsu studied in Taiwan and is a certified T'ai Chi instructor who is inspiring to watch and emulate.  She's able to teach multiple hand and weapon forms.  I plan to continue doing T'ai Chi for the rest of my life! Thank you.


  • 2017 Adam G.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I would highly recommend Qi Tao tai chi to people of all ages who are interested in helping themselves become healthier and more flexible in a way that is gradual, pain free and socially enjoyable. The classes are grouped by experience but all the classes meet on Saturday so newer students can see what they will be learning in the future and can try to emulate more advanced techniques. 
I have been a student for 5 1/2 years and tai chi has helped me address some physical issues that used to bother me. I look forward to classes every week 


  • 2017 Debra S.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I have been taking tai chi at Qi Tao for the last five years.  The instructor, Sifu Tzyann Hsu is extremely patient and skilled.  I feel great both physically and mentally.  The community of practitioners is wonderful and friendly.  There is always great energy flowing.  In Spring, Summer and Fall, Saturday classes are held in Prospect Park.  The atmosphere is always convivial and calming.  I highly recommend this school.


  • 2017 El M.

  • Manhattan, New York, NY

QI Tao is an excellent school.  The Instructor, Sifu Tzyann Hsu is extremely good in teaching the many different Tai Chi forms, including qigong and sword forms.  I have attended this school for over twelve years and I can truly say that it has been very beneficial for my health, particularly my posture, balance and has definitely helped me to avoid knee surgery.   


  • 2017 Indigo B.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I've been a student here for just over a year, going to class regularly, with 2 classes a week. Qi Tao offers excellent training in Taijiquan, with classes at various skill levels/experience. Sifu Tzyann Hsu is a gifted instructor and mentors each of us according to what we need to focus on, encouraging us through complicated movements or the simplest of expressions. I have enjoyed every class not because its easy, but because its a challenge with direct results. 

As an Acupuncturist, I come to Qi Tao to make sure my body is aligned, strong and healthy. As a queer person, I come to Qi Tao knowing there is inclusion and openness. I feel comfortable being myself, as do my fellow classmates.


  • 2017 Adam D.

  • New York, NY


I’ve been at Qi Tao for almost 10 years.  Sifu Berman has helped me to develop into the best martial artist that I can be.  His instruction has helped to improve my health and discipline and to understand what being a martial artist is.  There are body-hardening exercises for our forearms, hands, and shins that have helped me gain confidence in being able to defend against a punch or kick.  I would recommend Sifu Berman at Qi Tao to anyone.  Stop by the school during class times in evening or on Saturdays. 


  • 2015 Geraldine T.

  • New York, NY

If you're looking for a martial art class, you may want to check out Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy. 

I've been taking classes as a beginner there and I love it. I get a great workout and learn Kung Fu self-defense moves but more than techniques it helps me find balance in life, gain confidence and develop awareness, at least I like to believe so :-). That's why I spend my precious little time without kids there! 

It's a family run school and they teach both Kung Fu and Tai Chi to adults and kids (their own kids are students too).  If you're interested in learning traditional Kung Fu, I highly recommend you go and observe or try a class and see if it's a good fit.


  • 2015 Tommy W.

  • Brooklyn, NY

Sifu Peter Berman is very passionate about Hung Ga Kung fu.  He takes the time to explain, which makes learning easier and more enjoyable.


  • 2015 Matt D.

  • Chestnut Hill, MA

As a newcomer to kung-fu in and martial arts I spent a great deal of time searching and visiting places across Brooklyn.  At the time this place stood out due to the Sifu and space that are bringing the traditional kung fu spirit to Brooklyn in a lively and engaging way.  

I came to really appreciate Sifu's teaching style which was honest and direct about student progress and the intent/nuances of the forms.  In just a year, I developed a real passion for martial arts and the new perspectives that it has brought to my life.  Classes are on the smaller side and sometimes informal, which I found to be a real benefit.  Even from my evolving learning as a beginner, I did find an an increased confidence and peace of mind--in terms of my own physical safety (based on self defense techniques taught), and in my confidence to develop the mental strength to work in a world that seems overcome with violence.  Overall, this school was an outstanding introduction to the world of martial arts from the perspective of southern Chinese kung-fu including a holistic mix of philosophy, techniques, forms, practical applications.  I enjoyed training here so much that I even had second thoughts about a great job I was offered in Boston, because moving to Boston meant that I wouldn't be able to train here.  
The values of patience, hard work, loyalty, and commitment to teachings are strongly present at Yee's Hung-Ga of Brooklyn, which is impressive for a school in a rapidly changing neighborhood in 21st century New York City.  Don't come here expecting to be just one more "customer", you'll treated as a be a student with promise, invited to learn form the wisdom of a long linage of martial arts masters.


  • 2015 Liz S.

  • Brooklyn, NY

A doctor suggested that I try tai chi for the health benefits it offers.  I signed up for a beginner class with Sifu Tzyann Hsu.  That was 2 1/2 years ago and I am still her student.  I stayed because I enjoy learning from a great teacher who cares about her students and her work.  But I also stayed because I enjoy being part of the community of her students.  It's a genial bunch of people from all walks of life.  Most recently I have enjoyed learning a sword form of tai chi.  It's beautiful and empowering.


  • 2015 Stephen M.

  • Bovina Center, NY

If someone wants to learn a martial arts form, one of the most important prerequisites is to find a knowledgeable teacher. Sifu Tzyann Hsu is in my humble opinion is just such a person. She has a deep understanding and technical adeptness with the orthodox forms of the correct lineage of Tai Chi Chuan. Her expertise and innate abilities allow her to bring a student to a correct and meaningful understanding to a sometimes easily confused discipline.

If you desire to learn something, finding the best teacher you can, is possibly the most important first step. Take advantage of the opportunity of attending a class, you will not regret it. Tai Chi will be a welcome addition to anyone's lifestyle, the benefits will astound you.


  • 2015 Ryan M.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I did my research before choosing Qi Tao because as anybody who is looking to start Tai Chi in Brooklyn knows, there are many, many options. I was looking for a teacher who had a deep background in the authentic traditions of Tai Chi, someone who saw the art, not just as a form of relaxation (though it does relax me!), but also as a martial practice, a philosophical practice, and an art. Sifu Tzyann Hsu is just this teacher. In addition to her background in Tai Chi and other martial arts, she has extensive training as a professional dancer, and she is a natural teacher. She listens very well to her students, and she follows up with each of us. Classes are generally small, and very reasonably priced. The community is diverse and welcoming. Tai Chi is not just for the old! I'm 26 and it fits wonderfully into my life.

If you're looking for the real deal, a fully modern school with an authentic traditional background, Qi Tao is the place, and Sifu Hsu is your Sifu! Hope to see you soon!


  • 2015 Diane H.

  • Brooklyn, NY

Highly recommended!  Sifu Tzyann Hsu is completely knowledgable about many forms of Tai Chi.  Her classes are friendly and relaxed, not crowded, with lots of personal attention, and the fees are very reasonable. Tai Chi is a gentle but healthy and effective form of exercise for all ages.  You also learn a bit about Chinese culture.  The classes are full of diverse people from all over Brooklyn.  It's warm, interesting and fun!


  • 2015 Dan A.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I have been a Tai Chi student of Sifu Tzyann Hsu for over 14 years and can only speak of the school in glowing terms. As taught by Sifu Hsu, Tai Chi Chuan is introduced as an internal martial art which exercises focus, balance, and self-control while it also provides numerous recuperative and health benefits acquired with regular practice. Two immediate benefits most students experience are stress reduction and increased concentration.

Sifu Hsu provides, along with an extensive knowledge of several traditional hand and weapon forms, a congenial place in which to receive personal attention to help in one's mastery of the forms. Her work with disabled and geriatric students has given her a broad range of experience from which to draw on when addressing individual adaptations. 

All told, Qi Tao is a welcoming place and a great way to acquaint yourself with this ancient but still highly relevant practice.


  • 2015 Maegan M.

  • Brooklyn, NY

I loved studying at Qi Tao Sifu is an incredible instructor and I learned so much from her. The class size is small and you are able to get a lot of peronal attention. I especially loved getting to practice in Prospect Park. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in Tai Chi!


“Tai Chi has helped me to discover an amazing alternative workout that helps keep me mentally and physically fit. It is a wonderful way to help relieve the day’s stress and can be practiced just about anywhere,which makes it easy to perform regularly. Whether you are completely new to Tai Chi or are looking for a way to enhance your regular workout or simply your life, I highly recommend it!! Thank you Sifu!” — Peter W.

Practicing Tai Chi is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. It’s a great way to relieve stress and helps me to relax, especially after a long day spent hunching over a computer. I feel tall and lively again.”— Clayton

Practicing Tai Chi has been very beneficial for me. Not only have I have gotten physically stronger but it has helped me learn how to counteract stress. Class is also a lot of fun!” — S. H.

"Doing Tai Chi, and learning it from Tzyann Hsu, has been a wonderful experience. It is a great form of exercise, meditation and relaxation. It helps me to stay healthy, limber, strong, calm, and I think I am physically younger than my years because of this practice. I always feel happier and more able to handle whatever comes my way when I have done Tai Chi, and it feels very good to do it.” — Rebecca A.

"The changes I’ve noticed since starting Tai Chi are too numerous to detail, so I’ll mention just a few. The flexibility of my joints has improved tremendously. My movements are smoother, and the improvement in my balance is very noticeable. I can trust my body a lot more than I used to. Learning to relax and recharge in class has extended to my real life — I can now cope with everyday stresses a lot better than before.” — Gennady

"Since I stop doing Tai Chi for more than a month because of surgery on my foot, I have muscle ache and pain on foot and arms. I finally was able to do Tai Chi last Saturday, and my ache and pain are temporarily gone.Since Tai Chi uses every part of your body in a continuous flowing movement, it’s like a physical therapy.” — Lilia

"Tai Chi class gives me an opportunity to learn a little about a different culture. Also, it has been recommended by doctors for balance and general health. When I’m really concentrating, trying to follow Tzyann Hsu’s graceful movements and learn, I become completely focused and no other thoughts enter my mind.” — Virginia

"Tai Chi practice gives strength to my weak back. Also, it helps me to calm my mind.” — Rieko

"I started taking Tai Chi in 2002, after an accident that resulted in back and neck injuries, as well as an immune disorder. Needless to say, the benefits have been amazing! Over the years, I have been able to strengthen my back, improve my posture, get much needed exercise and do this with a sense of peace and calm. I even used what I learned when I gave birth to my first child and will use it again when my second is born. Everything about Tai Chi is exactly what I needed and was missing in my life, and I am so thankful that I started!” — Nadia

"I don’t only get a benefit from having a more supple, relaxed, poised and balanced body. There is also a sense of alertness and focus that comes from trying to do one thing perfectly. My day just goes better when I start with Tai Chi.” — Dan

"Tai Chi is the greatest exercise. It is beneficial for everything. I am happy to be able to participate and especially to have a great treacher. Sifu told me that she saw a change in the way I look, and I am very grateful to her for it.” — Debra